This is a divorce matter wherein the Husband and Wife hotly contested the division of matrimonial assets and wife maintenance.

As this was a 27-year marriage, the Court considered the parties’ respective contributions to the marriage in coming to a just an equitable division of the matrimonial assets.

Unique to this case were the Wife’s allegations that the Husband had frequently gambled at the casinos and as a result had lost substantial amounts. Although the exact amount could not be ascertained, the Court took this into consideration when dividing the matrimonial assets. Eventually, the Court came close to dividing the assets 50-50 between the parties.

The Court also ordered no maintenance for the Wife as she has earnings capacity and will be self-sufficient in future.

Summary: Long marriages tend to see matrimonial assets being divided equally (although exceptions apply), and maintenance for an ex-wife is usually not ordered if it can be proven that she is self-sufficient and does not need further maintenance from the husband.

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