Clement Yong

Advocate and Solicitor



Clement is a professional who has a deep understanding of family law and is committed to helping families through challenging legal situations. He possesses exceptional communication skills, which enables him to empathize with clients, understand their unique circumstances, and provide sound legal advice.

He is also compassionate and attentive to his clients’ needs, providing them with a supportive and reassuring environment throughout the legal process. Clement is patient, listening carefully to his clients’ concerns and answering their questions in a clear and concise manner. He is also responsive, promptly returning phone calls and emails and keeping his clients informed of any developments in their case.

Clement as a family lawyer is also skilled in negotiation, able to find creative solutions to complex legal issues, and help his clients reach fair and reasonable settlements in the spirit of therapeutic justice. He is also well-prepared for trial, with a deep knowledge of family law, an ability to think strategically, and excellent courtroom skills.

Above all, Clement is committed to providing his clients with the best possible legal representation, with integrity, professionalism, and a genuine desire to help families move forward in a positive way. He is dedicated to protecting his clients’ interests, advocating for their rights, and ensuring the best possible outcome for them and their families.


As a District Judge, Clement had published the following Judgments on Family Law:

As a Deputy Public Prosecutor, Clement was the Prosecutor in the following reported criminal cases:

Drug offences

Violence offences

Unlicensed moneylending

Bail matters

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